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We have a nutritional rating system that is used to communicate the nutritional value of our product in a simplified manner to our customers.


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Play Free Today© is an all natural, citrus flavored, remedy for pausing a woman's period for a few hours or just a few minutes! You can be in the middle of your cycle and safely top it for moments such as spontaneous outings with friends, graduations, beach parties, even intercourse. Once finished with whatever activity pursued, you can then end the consumption of Play Free Today© to resume your period safely and effectively. 


Our product got its start as a mere thought then was brought to fruition by thorough research and experimentation to briefly halt the menstrual cycle to meet a woman's daily needs. It was through that experimentation that we are able to bring you a safe and quality product. 


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Try using Play Free Today© mixed in with tea and sugar or lemon; perhaps with water and honey or mint leaves. You can sample different flavors and combinations of your favorite things! ​The product will still be effective, just use liberally.

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